A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A fan made, non-commercial replication of the popular Shenmue arcade game: Excite QTE 2. This game was designed to put player's reflexes to the test. The player must press the correct button that appears on the screen in time, before the timer runs out. Otherwise the player loses a life. The more points the player gains, the harder the game gets, and the player will have even less time to react to the button prompts. The player's score is then added to the leaderboard at the end of the game. 

Please note that currently this can only be played with a PS4 gamepad.

Install instructions

Simply extract the zip file and launch the .exe, choose your graphic options and you're good to go. 


ExciteQTE_v1.1_windows.zip 14 MB
ExciteQTE_v1.1_Mac.zip 16 MB

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