Elite Conflict is a 3D arena space shooter game, developed in the Unity game engine. It was developed as part of a software project module in college and was one of my first Unity projects. This was developed in a group of 4 and we each had certain duties to fulfill. 

I have recently gone back and updated the HUD for the Player's ship and converted scripts from JS (UnityScript) to C# as UnityScript is now deprecated.

Please note that this is an incomplete game and is just a prototype to demonstrate mechanics for flying the ship, firing weapons, basic enemy AI etc..


Pitch Up - W 

Pitch Down - S

Yaw Left - A

Yaw Right - D

Roll Left - Q

Roll Right - E

Thrust (Move off) - F

Stop (Brake) - Space bar

Fire - Left mouse button

Rotate Camera - Mouse X / Y

Camera perspective change - F1, F2, F3 keys


EliteConflict_Prototype.zip 39 MB

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